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Hello, I am Jay.  Below is a list of many things that interest me and a brief history of my life. I registered my own name for fun.

More About Me

Was born July 16, 1978 at Albert Einstein hospital in the Bronx, NY.  We moved to Half Moon Bay when I was 8, so I grew up here in El Granada, CA. and love everything HMB is and has to offer.  When I was young I road my bike from neighborhood to neighborhood getting to know all the other local kids. As I got into my teens I started surfing and got addicted.  I always wanted to surf .  Everyday, and many days twice a day.  I started exploring down to Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz was known as Surf City and was only an hour away from home.  After graduation from Half Moon Bay High School I moved to Santa Cruz.

At the same time I became absorbed with computers and engulfed myself in everything from computer repairs, to networking, to web design & some internet marketing. I took many classes, interned in Silicon Valley, and had a small business repairing and networking computers.  I was a whiz on a computer and could fix pretty much anything.

After 6 or 7 years of being glued to a computer and I decided repairing computers was not the career path I wanted.  I was in a donut shop in Santa Cruz and saw a guy whose network I had setup.  He wsa jazzed on my computer skills and offered me a job a his hardwood flooring company.  Within a few months we were the #1 site on Google for the search term “hardwood flooring” and “hardwood floors”.  It was incredible.  I was lucky that time but I’ve learned a lot since that run at the top.

A few years later I ended up using, with the blessing of my former employers, the internet marketing skills to start my own hardwood flooring company, Hardwood Maniac.  I had a good run with Hardwood Maniac but the economy was just to harsh on the home improvement industry. I have since gotten a C-15 hardwood flooring contractor license #1004948. See for more information on hardwood flooring installation, repair, and refinishing.


Automobiles & Auto Repair – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Accounting & Bookkeeping – Surfing – Computer Repair & Networks – Internet Marketing – Snowboarding – Cooking & Food – Health & Fitness – Organic Gardening

I have spent most of my life playing sports. I took up surfing when I was 14 and have traveled up and down the California Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Hawaii, but mainly just surf near Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. I took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was 26. That has been a big part of my life since, even though I only practice occasionally now, it has become part of my soul. The sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has had a positive affect on my life like nothing else. In many ways it has made me a far better human being than I would have been. Please visit Raul Castillo Mixed Martial Arts in Half Moon Bay to try this wonderful sport.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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