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Hello, I am Jay.  Below is a list of many things that interest me, a brief history of my life, how I got started in internet marketing, and why I am determined to make money online.

For the past 10 years I have helped small businesses with marketing and image building online.  I am not a guru or an expert, and I have yet to make an automated income.  I have not had huge successes in the millions and I am not a highly paid mentor.  What I have done is helped a few small businesses, including my own, to have increased income, with little to no cost internet marketing techniques. Most of the stuff I do is really basic.  That’s why I want to share it.  Almost anyone can do what I do. Just visit the “Free Info” tab up top for step by step instructions.

  • Ranked Employers Website #1 for search term “Hardwood Floors” worldwide (2003-2004)
  • Built my own Hardwood Flooring sight, currently ranked top ten for several wood floor related searches worldwide. “Janka Hardness Scale”
  • Optimized and wrote the website for a window tint shop in Colorado. Top 3 rankings for “Window tint Denver” and “Clear bra Denver” in Google search and Maps (2009-Present).  Gross monthly income ROCKETED from $12k/mo to $35k+/mo. Our best month was $42,000 while I was working as an employee.
  • Several of the Google Place pages I have configured are Top 10 in local searches within 50 miles. In most cases ranked 1-3 for competitive keywords in city of business.

All of this was done on less than $100/mo. internet marketing budget, or nothing at all. Literally $0 dollars for people that come to you wanting to buy your stuff. Sound pretty good?

Small Businesses need compelling internet marketing campaigns, that don’t just sell more, but change the business forever.  A plan that draws customers in and makes them want to return and get to know the business in depth.  They DO NOT need a “get rich quick” quick attitude thrown at them, or a promise of huge returns on investment.  Marketing dollars are important to a small business and are usually spent cautiously, if at all.  Small businesses need a comprehensive “No Bull Shit” approach to marketing on the internet.  Step by step instructions.  Techniques that work for everyone and anyone.  A guide, down the path, without having to worry that someone is taking advantage of them.

My goal is to give back to my home town, Half Moon Bay, and help local businesses get caught up with the current internet marketing trends. I hope to share this information with as many small businesses  in America as I can that are missing out on the free online exposure.

This can be done easier, faster, and with less risk than any other form of marketing you have ever seen.

I am creating an information gold mine that can help YOU market your small business yourself. I have been learning internet marketing for 10+ years. I have made several businesses successful, including my own hardwood flooring company.

I know what works and I am finally willing to share this information that most people pay for. All the tips and tricks I paid for and learned overtime, the simple user friendly approach I use, the tools that you MUST use for success, and lots of stuff straight from my own sites that is working right now.

Samples Below

Through creativity and innovation I am able to implement non-traditional, high impact, laser targeted alternative marketing solutions that are incredibly cost effective. Below is a list of marketing solutions that I like to use most.

  • Email Marketing – Many small business could benefit greatly from email marketing but it takes a good amount of internet savvy to create a truly effective campaign that turbo charges sales. I believe a good email list with the right marketing strategy can double the sales of any small business not currently using one. When email marketing is done right it is the best marketing and sales tool ever invented. There is no comparison.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Requires excellent keyword rich content, and clear concise information. Generally, the more quality content you publish, the more searches you will show up for. There are many Search Engine Optimization tricks that almost anyone can do. SEO is much simpler than most people think but it does require monthly maintenance for about one year.
  • Google Places Page Optimization – If you have not optimized your Google Places Page or do not know what it is, you need to start immediately. If there is one thing you need to do, it is optimize your Google Places Pages with as much information as possible. Include Description, Hours, Video, Pictures, Brands, Services, Contact Info, etc.
  • Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) – Many people are scared of Adwords Pay Per Click model because they think it costs a fortune but Google is the worlds biggest and best because of Adwords Pay Per Click. YOU MUST USE ADWORDS for guaranteed success. I have plenty of ways to spend very little and get a lot in Adwords! You MUST learn  a few things about Adwords to create successful Pay Per Click campaigns that do not cost a a lot.
  • Ebay, Amazon, & Google Shopping – These 3 big players control the online marketplace and draw huge amounts of people on a daily basis. Anyone can submit products and create a store front through them. Never forget about these go to internet marketing solutions that are already in place and drawing millions of visitors.
  • Craigslist & Backpage - Almost everyone I have ever met has used Craigslist and know it works, but learn how to make CL work for your business, and get lots of free advertising. Backpage is a similar site with a great format. Combining these two free marketing sites with routine postings is a great way to get more free traffic. I can show you a few simple techniques that get lots of clicks!
  • Article Marketing – Content will always be King! So be passionate and write about your products, services, and business. Use Article Marketing to get your message in out all over the internet. Learn why articles are such an X-Factor in free traffic and how you can use them to easily beat your competition.
  • Yahoo, MSN, & Yelp Inclusion – You can create a “Places Page” on all 3 of these sites and have people find you locally. It is really important to fill these out the same way you filled out your Google Place Page. All business and contact information need to be up to date and thorough.
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become necessities for business. Customers want interaction, updates, and a reason to follow you, like you, or recommend you. While discounts and great service go a long way, it has been proven emotional responses get you remembered and referred online more often than not. Being creative with Social Media is a MUST that can create a viral effect like no other form of advertising ever created. Be creative enough and you can have networks full of people recommending and liking your business.

I have found that for a small business with limited budget and not sure where to get the best value, these internet marketing sources are the best combination for success. Success means you will gain visitors that are looking for you and they will buy repeatedly when using the tools of internet marketing correctly.

More About Me

Was born July 16, 1978 at Albert Einstein hospital in the Bronx, NY.  We moved to Half Moon Bay when I was 8, so I grew up here in El Granada, CA. and love everything HMB is and has to offer.  When I was young I road my bike from neighborhood to neighborhood getting to know all the other local kids. As I got into my teens I started surfing and got addicted.  I wanted to surf bad, real bad.  Everyday, and many days twice a day.  I started exploring down to Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz was known as Surf City and was only an hour away from home.  After graduation from Half Moon Bay High School I moved to Santa Cruz.

At the same time I became absorbed with computers and engulfed myself in everything from computer repairs, to networking, to web design & some internet marketing. I took many classes, interned in Silicon Valley, and had a small business repairing and networking computers.  I was a whiz on a computer and could fix pretty much anything.

After 6 or 7 years of being glued to a computer and helping people I decided repairing computers was not for me.  I was in a donut shop in Santa Cruz and saw a guy whose network I had setup.  He wsa jazzed on my computer skills and offered me a job a his hardwood flooring company.  Within a few months we were the #1 site on Google for the search term “hardwood flooring” and “hardwood floors”.  It was incredible.  I was lucky that time but I’ve learned a lot since that run at the top.

A few years later I ended up using, with the blessing of my former employers, the internet marketing skills to start my own hardwood flooring company, Hardwood Maniac.  I had a good run with Hardwood Maniac but the economy was just to harsh on the home improvement industry.  I am currently brainstorming to revamp Hardwood Maniac using a completely different approach to my lead catcher style. I am also working on this site  These sites will be used as my examples here on Along my journey in life and business I realized the most important part of this whole computer and technology craze was the marketing and branding online.  There is nothing more important and it is where most businesses fail.  It is the path in which I have finally decided to focus and flourish, and follow for the rest of my life.


Automobiles & Auto Repair – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Accounting & Bookkeeping – Surfing – Computer Repair & Networks – Internet Marketing – Snowboarding – Cooking & Food – Health & Fitness – Organic Gardening

I have spent most of my life playing sports. I took up surfing when I was 14 and have traveled up and down the California Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Hawaii, but mainly just surf near Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. I took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was 26. That has been a big part of my life since, even though I only practice occasionally now, it has become part of my soul. The sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has had a positive affect on my life like nothing else. In many ways it has made me a far better human being than I would have been. Please visit Raul Castillo Mixed Martial Arts in Half Moon Bay to try this wonderful sport.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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