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This site offers free internet marketing ideas for small businesses. You can look at my generous pricing plans, where I do the work for you, but this website has all the information you need to start internet marketing for free. If you follow all of my advice, your website is guaranteed to get more traffic.

Many small businesses¬† in my hometown of Half Moon Bay are just not up to speed on how the internet can work for them. As Half Moon Bay gets busier and becomes more of a tourists weekend getaway destination, the businesses here need to capitalize on technology to capture the minds, hearts, AND EMAIL ADDRESSES of our visitors. While many have been slow to accept Silicon Valley technology here on the Coastside, it is an essential tool to earning a greater income, while doing less work. Just giving discounts doesn’t work as well anymore, customers want emotional interaction because they “Like” it. (Like me on Facebook)

Free Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas!I am an out-of-the-box thinker that loves what I do. Read more about me…

My approach to internet marketing is a comprehensive¬† holistic one that will build a steady stream of visitors and income for life. My ultimate goal is to get you free organic search engine traffic and build a list of loyal email subscribers. This combination has proven to be the best marketing and sales solution known to mankind. Getting traffic to your site is the #1 challenge that small businesses face! Many small business owners and employees¬† just can’t figure how internet marketing works. I suggest you start by configuring your Google Places Page as soon as possible. Find out How to Configure your Google Place Page for Top 10 Google Maps Local search results.

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  1. Monica says:

    I think this site is genius, it is well written and intuitive. This is stuff every small business should know, but most do not! I work in marketing for a large company for my day job, but I learned so many new things today about how I can better market myself and my freelance business in the future. I can’t wait to read more posts, I am inspired.

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